Still Playing With Toy Dolls?

Collectible doll
Most girls do remember the very first doll that they have played with and this is one of the things that can make their childhood more memorable. However, people do grow up fast and they will eventually think that they are too old to play with toy dolls and this is why they just put it away and store it in a box. What most people don’t know is that even adults still buy toy dolls. Here are things that you should know when comes to dolls, little girls, teenage girls and adult women.

Little Girls and Dolls

Little girls are the ones who love dolls more than anybody else. This is usually because they can see dolls as a friend and they can even pretend to be a mom taking care of their baby doll. This is a good way for them to learn about responsibility.

When a girl receives her very first doll, they will most likely feel an instant love to that item. Most girls will take their very first doll to almost everywhere they go. They will even sleep with it and eat with the doll sitting beside them.

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Teenage Girls and Dolls

This is the time when girls will feel awkward playing with dolls because they will start liking boys, music and makeup more. Also, toys are now replaced with computers and cellphones nowadays. However, there are still girls who keep dolls deep within their closet and this is simply because that is their favorite toy and they have been attached to it therefore, they don’t want to put it away. There is absolutely nothing wrong a teenage girl loving a childhood memory.

Adult Women and Dolls

For adult women, dolls will become a collector’s item for them but this does not apply to each woman out there. There are some who love to collect dolls and there are some who don’t. There are several women who collect dolls because it represents their past. Having dolls make them remember how great their childhood was.

With these things being said, there is really no exact age for a girl or a woman to be qualified to play with dolls. A female individual can play or collect it even if they are over 80 years old. Dolls are designed to be special and they can easily create a special bond with the owner.

So, it is definitely okay for you to still have your own doll collection inside your closet and there is no wrong with buying a doll in toy stores even if you are already an adult. The important thing is if it makes you happy, then no one can dictate whether you should have dolls or not.

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    It’s not playing, it’s collecting!


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